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Hi Curvy I keep reading articles about chronic pain being partially caused by psychological issues and counselling and physical therapy is the way forward.Over the last two years, the legislature of the State of Florida has passed laws to regulate the treatment of pain in the state and the physicians who.

When I wake up, the first 15 minutes of my day are the worst.Ali Shaygan has been closely watched by pain-management doctors — an area in which the federal government has waged a fierce.

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This is an excerpt of a conversation I was having with a fellow IC warrior.The pain-management movement that has sprung up over the past.Suzanne Stewart details the war against chronic pain sufferers and what it could mean for people with CRPS.The War on Pain by Lisa Berger, 9780756751340, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.I did not know that the court actually made it illegal for a doctor to.The DEA's War on Pharmacies—and Pain Patients Doctors and patients would suffer less if medical regulators were put in charge of monitoring opiate consumption and...

But, that said, fortunes await those who can promise all the benefits.The War On Pain. which is really a war on drug consumers--including chronic-pain sufferers.

A good deal of air is exhaled over the state of medical care in America.I had been working on another article for this ongoing War on Pain (and pain medication) series when I.

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The war may be winding down, but the Army continues to wage a campaign against something that grew increasingly apparent during the last decade of combat.The War on Pain Sufferers: A good deal of air is exhaled over the state of medical care in America.The casualties of the drug war fill our prisons, but illicit drugs remain widely available.Anand Grover is former U.N. special rapporteur on the Right to Health, India.Mark suffers from chronic pain and was a longtime volunteer with the American Pain Foundation.

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Steve thank you for that detailed background information about the war on pain patients.

Its primary manifestation is the routine and widespread under-treatment of pain, especially chronic, non-cancer pain.Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the See-Saw of Chronic Pain, Spring Devotions.June 4, 2007 issue - Late into the night of May 2, 1863, a few hours after Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson took two bullets in his left arm at the Battle of.The War on Pain: How Breakthroughs in the New Field of Pain Medicine Are Turning the Tide Against Suffering by Scott Fishman and Lisa Berger (1999, Hardcover).

Over the past 15 years I have struggled with pain and it can be very frustrating.The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has expanded the war on pain patients from the shores of Florida to the shores of California — with a tsunami of confusion.

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Too many of us still use negative words when speaking of pain medicine.This is intended to look at the trials and tribulations as a law-abiding American citizen who happens to have a condition that generates constant pain and chronic.

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We are a nation at war with multiple enemies that threaten the health and well-being of our people.Ronald McIver is a prisoner in a medium-security federal compound.

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